IAITC offers courses in Engineering, Management and Hospitality. To put all the courses separately and in silos is not the philosophy that IAITC follows. There is a distinct methodology followed for learning which extends beyond the normal run of the mill methodology that is followed anywhere else.

Each student is an individual addressed as a young professional right from the beginning of the course. They are conditioned to the outside work environment even though they may still be young to understand what it actually is. IAITC follows what is called "Experiential Learning". Learning by way of experience and action is a way of life at IAITC.
The learning is aimed to assist the student not just to get through the placements but to prepare him for a work life that needs to be balanced. It is not just to earn but also to live life to the fullest. The holistic development is aimed at the students maintaining an excellent method of tracking progress and plugging the loop holes.
The students are mentored on their intelligence, emotional and spiritual quotients to not only make them great leaders but first and foremost make them good people at heart and practice humility.
Keeping this in mind, some initiatives that IAITC has taken are:

Pre School

A Preschool program is a month long orientation cum customization program for students. The IAITC students come from varied backgrounds and are bound to have differences in culture, language, learning style and a host of other issues. The aim is to bring all the students to one common standard where the process of learning becomes easy. The one-month intensive training covers Language and communication skills, IT skills, listening and observing and dropping inhibitions. The Pre school program aims at making a student to be himself, to open his mind for any amount of learning that he can do completely and enjoyably.

Theoretical learning

Theory is the most ancient method of delivering education and the most efficient method of imparting knowledge. The quantum of knowledge that can be gained in theoretical class is substantially higher & quicker than in any other form of learning. However, with changing times and the quick fix lives that we all live, it is very easy to get distracted from what is being taught unless it is taught differently. This is where IAITC encourages independent thinking and problem solving which brings in analytical approach to the learning process.

Experiential learning

The teaching that experience gives is better reinforced than any other form of teaching. Lessons are coupled with practical experience given to every student at IAITC. This is done by way of mini projects, summer projects, free-will experiments, practical labs, research and survey assignments. This allows the student to put in his theory to practice. Since this is sometimes simulated, it also is a rehearsal to the outside world that students will face.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge shared in knowledge gained. Keeping this philosophy in mind, IAITC conducts Seminars, Conventions, Guest Lectures, Industry Experts, Researchers to share their experience and learning to help the students gain insights.

Mind, Body and Soul

IAITCE is not just about studies but also about learning and being aware of one's mind, body and soul. This is enhanced thorough essential English Language Development, Personality development, Health and Fitness and Spiritual guidance

Research focus

Research is an essential ingredient in all the courses offered at IAITC. It builds the desire to know more and the level of inquisitiveness. Students are encouraged to explore, investigate, and improve constantly on subject that interests them. They are encouraged to experiment with their little ideas. Labs and computer center facilitates this. Many students can also be part of research exercise conducted by faculties as research assistants.

Industry Orientation

IAITC believes in making leaders for tomorrow and this can happen only when there is a blend of academics and what the industry wants. IAITC networks with the industry to learn what keeps the industry moving, what are its demands and how can new entrants tackle them. This includes not just skills but soft skills, personality and organization culture.

Continuous 360 degree Evaluation System

All of the above is not achieved has no meaning till progress is actually logged and tracked. The Monthly evaluation of students by their mentors helps in understanding where they stand, what are their areas of improvement and the progress each one is making. This evaluation is sent to the parents on a monthly basis.