1. Library

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."- Richard Steele A plethora of books dot the 200 seater library at the campus. With close to 5500 sq ft of library space, IAITC offers the best books available and possible in the genre of engineering, management, hospitality and tourism. The library offers more than 953 books, 11250 volumes, 90 international journals, 160 national journal and close to 200 magazines. It is a place to quench the thirst of knowledge that anyone or everyone seeks. The library has timings from 9am to 10pm with two fully qualified librarians eager to assist and help students in their journey for knowledge.

2. Digital Library

In this electronic age, books and periodicals are available easily. The Digital Library at the campus is a 12 seater haven for information hungry minds. Stocked with over 400 National e-journals, 165 International e-journals and over 500 video lectures by the most eminent and well known professors of IISC and IIT, the Digital Library can be accessed at any convenient time till 10 pm at night.

3. Laboratories – Chemistry/ Physics/ workshops

Learning is best done when we do it ourselves. Theory is backed up with practicals and IAITC believes that learning can be reinforced if students are exposed to the theory in a practical way. This is supported by the well stocked and well equipped lab with the latest and most advanced high end engineering equipment. Huge amount of space encourages every student to try his hand at what has been taught at class. Experienced lab assistants encourage students to be participative to entrench their learning further.

4. Communication Labs

Effective Communication is the need of the hour. Students may do excellently well but if verbal communication is a barrier, there are many opportunities that cannot be availed of. To bridge this gap, IAITC offers its students access to a unique English Language Laboratory. The Lab is loaded with an English software that is focused on Linguistic accent development. The intent is to provide proficiency in spoken English and to equip our students to face the work place environment confidently.

5. Computer Centre and Internet

In the jet set age of today, learning is enhanced by the use of the big "I", the Internet. Students have ready access to a 4000 sq ft, 150 seater computer centre equipped with a 4MBPS dedicated leased line internet broadband. They can work on the IBM systems of the latest configuration at any time of the day till 10pm. The campus is completely Wifi which is supported by uninterrupted Industrial power line and 125 KV backup generator for smooth connectivity.

6. Seminar Hall

A well designed seminar Hall having a capacity of 240 takes care of in house seminars and training programs. The hall is fully air conditioned and is equipped with multimedia equipment like 180 to enrich the learning experience. IAITC believes in knowledge sharing and hence invites eminent industrial personalities and representatives from institutions that provide multi skill trainings.

7. Open Air Auditorium

The open air auditorium is any student's delight. Constructed for activities other than studies, it helps in supporting college festivals and other cultural and out of the box activities.