Life Long Education

That leads to Human Evolution

Can Happen When the Work/Life is balanced

This provides space and time for

Contemplation and Realization

To consciously strive in reaching professional goals

While achieving the purpose and objective of life towards

Self Actualization


Five Day Work Week

The American way of life, much researched in the global world for quality of life, has shown that some countries in Europe like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland etc., have achieved as the happiest nations with quality life. 
At Indo American this has been introduced in enhancing the quality of life in staff and students alike, to accelerate the human evolution, to uplift the intellectual capacity and build competitive spirit


College Working/Teaching Hours

The College Hours are from 8:50 a.m to 2:00 p.m. for students and upto 4:00 p.m. for faculty, exactly five hours of instructions to students and the remaining time available for students towards all round development in social, sports, cultural, skills and other passions. 
As for the staff it is only seven hours in a day with breaks, three periods of class room teaching, three periods of preparation and two hours of administrative work. The faculties are empowered to use the time for preparation towards active research and development in enhancing their abilities as higher education teachers.


Staff Days Actual Engagement Students Days Actual Engagement
Saturday & Sundays 104   Saturday & Sundays 104  
National Holidays 19   National Holidays 19  
Casual Leaves 12   Summer Vacations 30  
Privilege Leave 15        
Total Holidays 150 41% Total Holidays 153 42%
Working Days 215 59% Working Days 212 58%
Total Hours in A Year 8760 100% Total Hours in A Year 8760 100%
Total Working Hours 1505 17.18% Total Working Hours 1060 12.10%