1. Usually the top companies allow for written examination, those students who have a minimum of 70% marks in each semester and they do not allow students who have backlogs. Average companies use the same system but allow students who have minimum 65% marks in each semester. This cut of system is to eliminate students who are negligent in their attendance, academics and attitude.
  2. The next round of selection is usually Group discussion where even the academic toppers are eliminated due to their poor language skills (English), communication skills (knowledge expression, presentation, attitude, grooming & body language).
  3. The final round of selection is the face to face interview where the students get eliminated due to inhibitions, lack of: clarity, attention, patience, punctuality, attitude, listening skills, confidence, subject expertise, etc.
  4. Most students do not have any documentation of their performance or contribution in the past 4 to 6 years of study, hence it is imperative that they are dormant and non progressive minds in the view of industry. They usually look for the student’s extra-curricular activities and contributions to the society which shows the spirit and energy levels of the student. Students, who have documentation of achievements in sports, cultural activities, organizing events, participating in social outreach programs, etc, always tend to have the extra edge.
  5. The physical health and mental health is gauged to see how dependable the person is, hence they use several psychometric exams or questions to assess the candidate. Most academically well off students lose here as they have never thought in this direction.
  6. Planned target achievers are those students who have carefully over the four years of technical education nurtured to develop in every aspect of improvement as a professional.
  7. Those with a mere professional degree are the general public good for semi skilled jobs or clerical jobs with glorified ego of a professional degree. Hence it is the net result of the effort put in by the student for overall development in the four years of study.