For dedicated disciple:

    1. Attendance:

      Only the keen shall acquire knowledge, say the Vedas. The interest and keenness of a student is refected in the attendance register. A student , who makes sure not to miss a single lesson in school, will not miss a single lesson that life will provide in the years to come.


    1. Impeccable Grooming:

      A good product is appreciated only if the package it comes is in impressive. A person too, must show good upbringing, taste and attention to detail, in manners and behavior. In a world of frst impressions and instant opinions, such a student will be miles ahead, even at the beginning.


  1. Academic Performance:

    Good marks are the core of a student’s identity. It is hence the goal of every student to make every efort to achieve high standards in academics. The high level of competition here means that excellence in academics is truly worthy of appreciation and encouragement.


Excel in Co-curricular Activities:

    1. Social Service:

      Of all the virtues, charity and service are the highest. However, service is a virtue only if it is unconditional, without expectation. Nothing gives a teacher more pleasure than to see a student enjoying the task of serving – be it as little as picking up a piece of paper, or as magnanimous as educating the under privileged. The best part, however, is to see the student enjoying it.


    1. Cultural Diversity:

      Life is tasteless, narrow and limited without the refreshing waves of art and culture. Moreover, once a student is exposed to the ocean of Indian culture, a richer understanding of our country and of life is developed. If a student is a fower, then art and culture are the colours that make it unique.


  1. Sportsmanship Spirit:

    Life is a game. How a student plays the game of life can often be learned from how the student plays sports. The efort, the focus and the perseverance that the student puts in are all indications of character. The touchstone of character, however, is how a student wins or loses- the human spirit that will share the victories, and step on the losses.


Excel & Enhance Overall Development:

    1. Overall Performance:

      The race to complete education is like a decathlon, where the student has to accomplish not one but several tasks of skill, enthusiasm and endurance. These include physical education, academics and the extra- curricular activities. A student who outclasses peers in all these areas is truly a winner.


    1. Most Evolved Student:

      In the course of life, one is a child, a student, parent, citizen, but foremost, one is an individual. Only if the individual is evolved can the other aspects of life be enhanced. A student who thinks about self-improvement and evolution is an ideal to other students. After all, there is more to life than meets the eye.


  1. Leading by Leadership:

    Without the general, even the most powerful army cannot move an inch. Without the shepherd, the sheep are completely lost. The qualities of leadership are the most magnifcent discoveries in a student. Once the dormant leader in a student is awakened, nothing is impossible to the leader and his team.