1. Learner Centric:

      Better learning environment is created for the benefit of the students by

      1. Providing the complete content for all the papers in the semester prepared by faculty dealing the subject after referring the prescribed text books and reference books.
      2. Book leads, Journal leads, internet leads are provided for every topic for gaining more knowledge on the related topic.
      3. The prepared content, mock test papers, unit test questions are made available to students and the same will be mailed to students mail ids for reference at their convenience.
      4. Faculty give power point presentations with the LCD projectors provided for every department in the seminar hall.
      5. The theory taught will also be demonstrated in the labs for grasping the concept.
      6. Students can approach the mentors to solve their problems with the guidance of the faculty (mentor) for better concentration on studies.
      7. Students have access to library and free wifi even after the college hours for preparation.


    1. 5 Day work Week:

      1. This provides ample time for even the low performing students to cover up the topics missed, others to refer whatever was taught in the entire week, learn more by spending time on other related books other than the text books.
      2. Scope to prepare for competitive exams and learn certification programs.
      3. Scope to write technical papers for journals and improve the subject knowledge keeping a track on the latest trends and developments for better job absorption.
      4. Finish all records and be ready for the next week’s labs.
      5. Doubts can be clarified by discussing with friend of the same class.


    1. 8.50 am to 2.00 pm classes:

      1. Can reach college easily from anywhere by classes time. This becomes a practice and can perform job actively after the completion of course.
      2. More time to revise the topics taught in the class and approach faculty to clear doubts if any immediately till 4.00 pm.
      3. Write all assignments given for the day by referring the books which makes the student to remember and learn the concept for application in practical life by referring books and internet in the library.
      4. Play games/ sports in the evening for refreshing and keep both the body and mind fit.
      5. Can finish any pending labs with permission from the principal.


    1. 100% Syllabus completion:

      1. All topics are taught ( 100%) and student feedback is taken for ensuring that the topics are fully covered as per SOP of college. Monitored through CCTV* monitoring team, regular student feedback and verification, personal verification of the syllabus completion by principal and senior staff before the mid examinations.
      2. 100% syllabus completion will give confidence for the student to attempt and answer any question in the examination.
      3. Students can score better marks in the examinations.
      4. Complete grip on the subject for the student.
      5. Along with syllabus completion, examination oriented guidance by faculty.

      *CCTV: every class have been fitted with CCTV especially to monitor the teaching methodology, every class will be recorded and monitored by a 4 member Quality team to ensure that the classes are happening as per the SOP & lesson plan which is avilable in the department for reference. This CCTV report will be cross verified with the timetable and the feedback form given by the students so that there is no violation at all.


    1. Distinction Achievement Program:

      1. Students scoring distinction will be given distinction certificate immediately after the release of the results by the University.
      2. Students are motivated to perform better in the next examinations and compete for University ranks.
      3. Distinction achieving students will be given cash award also if they secure University rank.


    1. Student Recognition Program:

      1. All students are encouraged to participate and perform better creating completion among students to achieve medals and ranks in studies and other activities by giving certificates for every achievement in each area.
      2. The certificates are proof of the students [performance when they go for job interviews.


    1. 100% Placement for Chairman’s and Director’s club members:

      1. Students who meet the eligibility criteria for the above two clubs will be given special importance to provide 100% placement.
      2. The club members shall consistently perform better in all the semester examinations with good attendance percentage and communication skills having that privilege and recognition.


    1. Research Level Labs with original Software:

      1. As we have full-fledged labs with sufficient equipment always kept in working condition with frequent inspection and maintenance or repair whenever required.
      2. Student can go beyond the experiments mentioned by the University with the guidance of faculty in developing new technology with innovative ideas and the software will always work as we purchase only original software with bills to avoid interruption.


    1. Coaching Facility For Cambridge Business English:

      1. We provide the opportunity for the students to learn Cambridge Business English to improve their Communication in English and the accent so that they get better job opportunity.
      2. Now a days English is given top priority by the companies recruiting the students in the colleges while they see the technical knowledge and aptitude also. Here the knowledge of English will give better advantage.


    1. Coaching Facility for GATE and Competitive Exams:

      1. Coaching is provided for GATE and other competitive examinations to prepare the students ready to qualify for higher studies, Govt jobs and jobs abroad and even jobs in top MNCs.
      2. The institution provides opportunity of coaching facility by renowned coaching providers. (TIME).


    1. Special Mentoring System for Academic Excellence:

      1. As this is the crucial time for the students to concentrate more on studies with free mind and come over their problems, the mentors in the ratio of 1:20 will take care of the students in guiding/ mentoring the students and overcome their problems so that they are confident in facing the problems and be victorious in studies and life.
      2. Students can approach the mentors in their leisure time to get the necessary GUIDANCE.


  1. Summer internships from 2nd Year:

    1. As students require practical work experience, the students are sent for summer internships at the end of 2nd year and 3rd year during summer vacation so that they have an advantage over others as fresh B.Tech graduates when they face interviews as they would be given more weightage.
    2. By doing internships, students are on the right track and do not waste their time during summer holidays.
    3. Parents also need to encourage this for the bright future of their wards.